Founded in 1974

Currently 98 members from hospital-based and central registries and other various settings in Minnesota and neighboring states.

Organizational Structure

MCRA Executive Committee governs and is comprised of five elected officers, five standing committee chairs appointed by President and a representative from the Minnesota Cancer Reporting System (MCRS).

Elected officers are:

President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer

Standing committees:

Bylaws, Communications, Membership, Nominating, Professional Development, and Website Coordinator

Membership Benefits

A network for exchange of information, resources and peer support on a local and regional level A liaison to state and national cancer related organizations Notification of educational programs and opportunities to attend MCRA – sponsored workshops “THE MODMM” – the official publication of MCRA, featuring current events, programs, and articles.  Scholarship funds for continuing education and professional certifications are also benefit. Reduced rates to attend the annual meeting and regional workshops Opportunities to gain leadership experience with a professional association Membership directory