We Are Professionals Who

Manage data describing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Promote quality cancer data collection and cancer program management.

Becoming a member

The MCRA membership cycle starts February 1 of every year. Please complete the online membership application by following the link.  You will select a payment option of either PayPal, Debit/Check Card, Venmo, or mailed check to fully complete your application.  If you successfully complete your application your will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Click here to proceed:  https://fs28.formsite.com/minnesotaMCRA/2024membership/index

MCRA Goals

  • Promote and support professional development of members through educational workshops
  • With educational and financial assistance for members who seek Oncology Data Specialist (ODS) status
  • With financial assistance for members to attend educational workshops
  • By initiating and/or participating in programs to approve and standardize methods of compiling and distributing cancer data
  • By providing active liaison with professional and governmental organizations which utilize cancer data
  • By encouraging activities which promote cancer research and public education about cancer and cancer prevention